About Glenn...

Born in the summer of 1968 in Helena, Montana, Glenn Jacobsen was brought up hunting, fishing and camping in some of the most beautiful places on earth. His talent as an artist was noticed at a very young age by both family and teachers.

I feel that my art is constantly pulling me in different directions.  Some ideas come to me in extremely vivid dreams, others pop into my head while I’m walking down the street, or alone for weeks in the bush.  I find inspiration in everything and everyone.  The one constant in my work, is the observation that life abounds, and it struggles to survive regardless of the hardships and obstacles that lay ahead.
I recall as a child, sitting in the pews of the St. Helena Cathedral, looking up at the massive stained glass windows, grand marble statues and bronzes thinking, “what better job in the world, than to create images in which people use as a portal to God.”  It is my faith that drives me to sculpt the human figure, yet it is my insatiable lust for adventure that leads me into the wild.     -Glenn


email: Glenn Jacobsen (wax2bronze@gmail.com)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wax2bronze

Web: www.gsjacobsen.com

Artwork is available via ArtID: http://artid.com/members/gsjacobsen

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